About RedGlow Cyber

Providing IT, Cybersecurity, and vCISO solutions for the banking and healthcare industry since 2005

RedGlow Cyber is spearheaded by Chris Wilke, a seasoned cybersecurity and technology expert committed to safeguarding businesses. Specializing in offering Cybersecurity consulting and vCISO services for financial institutions and healthcare providers, Chris integrates strategic planning and a dedication to your business's welfare.

Headquartered in Minnesota, RedGlow Cyber upholds the core values of integrity, loyalty, and credibility that resonate within our community. As professionals with a shared mission, we are impassioned to assist our clients, recognizing the significance of fortifying businesses and its ripple effect on the community.

By entrusting us as your esteemed vCISO, you can rest assured of our proficiency and steadfastness in securing your business-critical data and assets. Whether assessing risks, deploying security measures, ensuring adherence to banking regulations, or simplifying technical terminologies into practical business insights, count on us as your dependable consultant at every juncture.

At RedGlow Cyber, we champion personalized assistance and robust partnerships. With us as your strategic collaborator, you can confidently navigate the intricate domain of cybersecurity and compliance, reassured that your business lies in capable hands. Rely on RedGlow Cyber for bespoke vCISO services that underscore your growth trajectory, resilience, and regulatory alignment, empowering you to channel your efforts towards advancing your business goals.

About Chris Wilke owner of RedGlow Cyber vCISO services

Chris Wilke

Owner and vCISO