Safeguarding Financial Institutions and Healthcare Providers through Expert Cybersecurity Consulting

Our custom cybersecurity and vCISO services are carefully tailored to protect banks, credit unions, and healthcare organizations, ensuring compliance and protection against emerging cyber threats.


Security Guidance

Access an experienced vCISO for expert guidance. Benefit from their knowledge to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring the protection of your valuable data and assets.

Tailored Solutions for

Your Industry

Receive customized vCISO services tailored to the healthcare and banking industry's unique security needs. Benefit from industry-specific insights and strategies addressing regulatory requirements and emerging threats.


Business Growth

Focus on business growth with confidence and peace of mind that comes from having a dedicated professional managing your cybersecurity measures.

In the role of vCISO for your bank, credit union, or healthcare institution, we will:


Collaborate with your internal or outsourced IT team to identify and address risks


Evaluate the costs and returns of security tools and investments


Translate technical IT language into terms that make sense for your business


Offer guidance on implementing key aspects of your security strategy


Ensure compliance with various regulations such as OCC, FFIEC, NCUA, PCI, NIST, among others, and HIPAA, HITECH and others for healthcare providers.


Equip your banking and healthcare teams with the necessary skills and knowledge through targeted training programs.


Develop and uphold security policies and procedures


Act as an advisor for Governance, Risk, and Compliance matters

All the benefits of an in-house CISO at a fraction of the cost.

"I had RedGlow perform a cyber assessment and found that my network firewall was insecure and outdated, putting my information at risk.

They implemented a new solution and are constantly monitoring it, so I can focus on working with my customers!"

Office Administrator

"We always have the best experience with RedGlow Cyber. Chris provides us with quality service that we can trust. He gets back to us in a timely manner and always makes sure our technical needs are taken care of. RedGlow Cyber is our behind-the-scenes partner that we value as part of our team!"

Admin Assistant

RedGlow 4C Benefits


Client-Centric Strategy

Align your cybersecurity seamlessly with business goals through strategic leadership, comprehensive risk analysis, and tailored security programs.


Client Service Excellence

Experience advanced solutions, including endpoint and perimeter/edge security, proactive patching, and robust incident response, ensuring an up-to-date and comprehensive defense.


Cybersecurity Vigilance

Protect vital information in financial and healthcare sectors through stringent cybersecurity measures, featuring backup and disaster recovery strategies.


Compliance Simplified

Streamline compliance with Red Glow's approach. We eliminate complexity, provide regulatory assurance, minimize legal risks, and instill stakeholder confidence.

RedGlow Partnership Process

Step 1 to Get Started with RedGlow Cyber vCISO Services

Connect with Us

Initiate your RedGlow journey. We’ll identify your specific needs and introduce our core offerings, including the vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) and personalized IT management and compliance support, crafted for the banking and healthcare sectors.

Step 2 to Get Started with RedGlow Cyber vCISO Services

Tailored Solution

We craft a detailed plan with transparent pricing following our initial discussion, and we present our findings and propose a customized solution, emphasizing the unique benefits of our vCISO services.

Step 3 to Get Started with RedGlow Cyber vCISO Services

Team Up with RedGlow

Forge ahead with a partnership that extends beyond traditional IT support. RedGlow becomes your strategic ally, providing a clear vision for business growth, cybersecurity resilience, and compliance assurance. Together, we navigate the path to success.